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... or something like that ...

Yeah, I'm just fucking with you.
This is how my blog is gonna look like today, the 18th of January 2012.
I'm sorry you can't read any of my crap. I really am, but today this is how it's gonna be.
I do hope you'll come again another day, but hey, it's your choice, man.

Now, the thing is that today I'm gonna pretend SOPA and PIPA passed.
I'll also pretend I'm on a .com domain & I host my site in the USA.
Let's pretend one of the big-ass media companies saw something that they didn't like on this blog.
They decided I was a pirate or something, so they shut it down. No trial, no court order, nothing.
This sucks, man. No company should have this kind of power.

The internet should remain free! Join the strike NOW!